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Discover what’s next for LUKSO as it charts a course toward enhanced usability as an L1 EVM for social, culture

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Discover what’s next for LUKSO as it charts a course toward enhanced usability as an L1 EVM for social, culture and creators


In the evolving world of blockchain technology, LUKSO stands out with its innovative approach to digital identities and assets. The network is gearing up for a series of updates that promise to redefine user interactions on blockchain platforms. This article provides an in-depth look at the upcoming LUKSO Tech roadmap, explaining its significance and detailing what users and developers can anticipate.

Understanding LUKSO

LUKSO is a layer-1 EVM blockchain network that specializes in digital identity and has built solutions for the future of web3 social, culture and creators. It introduces a suite of standards known as LUKSO Standard Proposals (LSPs), which facilitate the handling of digital assets and smart contracts efficiently. 

LUKSO’s Universal Profiles are at the heart of its functionality, providing users with a blockchain-based account system to manage digital identities and assets seamlessly. The upcoming roadmap plans to enhance these profiles with improved security measures and user interfaces. This will facilitate smoother interactions with decentralized applications (dApps) and streamline transaction management, making the blockchain more accessible to a broader audience.

Comprehensive Breakdown of Roadmap Features:

Universal Everything Social App

The planned features for the Universal Everything social app are comprehensive. They align well with the needs of a modern decentralized social network. Here’s a breakdown of the functionalities and their potential benefits:

  • Discovery: This feature allows users to search and browse other Universal Profiles. It makes the network more accessible and user-friendly. This is essential for engagement and growth.
  • Chat: The app provides direct messaging capabilities. This facilitates private communication between users, a core feature of any social platform.
  • Follower System: Users can follow other profiles and stay updated on their activities. This feature is similar to traditional social media platforms but operates in a decentralized context.
  • Thread System: Users can create posts and threads, enabling richer interactions and content sharing. This fosters community discussions.
  • DAO Membership: The app integrates with Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Users can create and join these entities, promoting a more organized and democratic approach to community governance.
  • Activity Stream: The app displays a feed according to the profiles one follows. This makes the platform dynamic and continually engaging, tailoring content to the user’s interests.
  • Messaging System: This feature overlaps with the chat feature, suggesting a robust emphasis on communication tools within the platform.
  • Reputation Mechanism: The app implements a system to rate and provide feedback on profiles. This helps maintain trust and accountability within the network.

This roadmap for Universal Everything could significantly enhance how users interact in a decentralized environment powered by LUKSO. It could lead to greater adoption and utilization of Universal Profiles. If you’re curious about specific technical implementations or have other queries about how these features might work, feel free to ask!

Universal Name Service (UNS)

The Universal Name Service (UNS) for LUKSO seems to be a strategic enhancement. It aligns well with established practices in the Ethereum ecosystem, especially mirroring the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Here’s how the proposed functionalities of UNS could benefit Universal Profiles:

  • Register Names: This feature enables users to register their unique identifiers within the LUKSO network. It’s similar to securing a domain name in the digital realm of LUKSO. This allows for easier recognition and memorability of profiles.
  • Discover Names: A discovery tool for names can significantly enhance the usability of the network. It makes it easier for users to find and connect with each other. This could be particularly useful for businesses and individual creators looking to establish a presence and ensure that their profiles are easily accessible.
  • Edit Name Resolvers: This functionality allows users to manage how their names are resolved. For example, they can direct their UNS name to different LUKSO addresses or change the records associated with their name. This is crucial for maintaining flexibility and control over one’s digital identity and assets.

Implementing UNS using the LSP8 standard ensures that the names are versatile and functional across various dApps in the LUKSO ecosystem. This standard is designed for identifying assets in a way that’s interoperable across the network.

Universal Relayer User App

The plans for the Universal Relayer User App suggest a substantial expansion and enhancement of its existing features. Let’s examine each proposed feature and its potential impact on the platform:

  • Enhanced User Creation: This feature allows users to deploy their profiles across chains or with LYX, the native token of LUKSO. The platform aims to offer greater flexibility and ease in profile creation and management. This could draw users from different blockchains, enhancing interoperability and reach.
  • Enhanced Recovery System: Strengthening the recovery mechanisms for user profiles boosts security and trust in the platform. Security is a crucial factor for any digital or blockchain-based service.
  • User Dashboard: A dashboard provides users with a comprehensive view of their activities, transactions, and interactions within the network. This can make the user experience much smoother and more intuitive.
  • Admin Console: An admin console is essential for managing the backend operations of the dApp. It oversees transactions, user activities, and system health. These elements are critical for maintaining service quality and reliability.
  • Subscription System: Introducing a subscription model could provide a consistent revenue stream. It also offers users premium features or higher quotas for transaction relays.
  • SaaS APIs: By offering APIs, the dApp can be integrated into other services and platforms. This extends its utility and functionality. It makes the Universal Profile system a more attractive option for developers who want to build on or integrate with the LUKSO network.

Overall, these enhancements aim to create a more robust, user-friendly, and versatile platform. It can serve as a central hub for managing digital identities and transactions on the LUKSO network. This strategic move positions the Universal Relayer User App as an essential tool within the LUKSO ecosystem. It facilitates easier adoption and greater functionality for users.

Universal Profile Browser Extension

The planned enhancements for the UP (Universal Profile) browser extension are set to significantly boost its utility and user experience. Here’s a detailed look at the features mentioned and their potential benefits to the platform:

  • Integrate the Wallet in the UP Browser Extension: Incorporating a wallet directly into the browser extension would streamline operations like managing assets and executing transactions right from the browser. This would enhance both user convenience and security.
  • Mobile Extensions: Developing mobile versions of the UP browser extension would cater to the growing trend of mobile-first internet usage. This could greatly increase accessibility and usage, as users would be able to manage their profiles and transactions on the go.
  • Improve Import/Export Flow: Enhancing the import and export functionalities would make it easier for users to migrate their profiles and assets between different platforms or devices. This would increase the flexibility and user-friendliness of the ecosystem.
  • Release the Backup Feature: Implementing robust backup capabilities is crucial for enhancing data security and user trust. This feature would ensure that users can recover their profiles and assets in case of technical issues or security breaches.
  • Add More User-Friendly Transaction Screens: Improving the user interface for transactions would make the platform more accessible to non-technical users. This could potentially broaden the user base and improve the overall user experience.
  • Add Biometric Capabilities: Incorporating biometric security features such as fingerprint or facial recognition would enhance the security layers of the UP browser extension. This provides a more secure and modern way to authenticate transactions and access controls.

These enhancements demonstrate a strong focus on making the UP browser extension more versatile, secure, and user-friendly. By addressing both ease of use and security, the LUKSO team is positioning the UP browser extension as a central tool for efficiently managing digital identities and transactions within their ecosystem.

Universal Profile Mobile App

The initial feature set for the UP Mobile App is well-crafted to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for managing Universal Profiles on mobile devices. Here’s a detailed look at the planned features and their potential impact:

  • Adding and Updating Profiles: This essential feature enables users to create new profiles or update existing ones directly from their mobile devices. Such accessibility can greatly enhance user engagement by allowing easy and immediate adjustments to their digital identities.
  • List and Send Assets: This functionality allows users to view and transfer assets within the app. It’s similar to a mobile banking app but tailored for digital and possibly tokenized assets. This feature underpins the core use cases of blockchain technology for asset management.
  • List and Edit Controllers: In the context of Universal Profiles, controllers refer to entities like smart contracts or external accounts that manage aspects of a profile. Managing these controllers from a mobile app boosts security and flexibility, enabling users to quickly respond to security concerns or operational needs.
  • See Activity History: Providing a history log helps users monitor all transactions and changes to their profiles. This transparency is vital for trust and security, enabling users to verify all activities associated with their profiles.
  • Connect to dApps via in-device link or WalletConnect: Integration with WalletConnect, a popular protocol for connecting decentralized applications (dApps) to mobile wallets via QR code or deep link, enables safe and seamless interaction with dApps. This connectivity is crucial for developing a rich ecosystem of applications that use Universal Profiles for identity management, gaming, finance, and more.

Overall, the UP Mobile App aims to deliver a robust toolkit for managing digital identities and assets, facilitating a user-friendly and secure interaction with the LUKSO blockchain ecosystem. This app could significantly enhance the practical daily use of blockchain technology, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Universal Dev Platform

The plans for the Universal Dev platform are poised to enhance the LUKSO ecosystem significantly by providing a more developer-friendly environment. Here’s a detailed overview of the key features and their intended benefits:

  • SaaS APIs:
    • UniversalProfile Search and Indexing Graph APIs: These APIs will enable developers to easily query and integrate Universal Profile data into their applications. They foster a seamless experience when interacting with profiles, enhancing both usability and functionality.
    • NFT Search and Indexing Graph APIs: Similar to the UniversalProfile APIs, these facilitate the discovery and integration of NFTs. NFTs are crucial for many dApps in terms of assets and ownership, making these APIs invaluable for developers focused on asset management and trading.
    • Image Caching and Resizing: This service optimizes the delivery of image content for dApps. It improves load times and enhances user experience by providing appropriately sized images for different devices and contexts. This is essential for dApps that are heavy on visual content.
  • RPC Services: Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services will allow developers to interact with the LUKSO blockchain more straightforwardly and efficiently. This could include tasks like sending transactions and querying blockchain data. These services act as the backbone for dApp interaction with the blockchain.
  • Public Documentation: Comprehensive documentation is critical for developer adoption and success. By providing detailed guides, API documentation, and examples, LUKSO significantly lowers the barrier to entry for new developers and enhances the quality and reliability of dApps built on its platform.
  • Libraries/Tools: Offering robust libraries and tools simplifies the development process. These resources, which could include SDKs (Software Development Kits), frameworks, and other utilities, abstract some of the complexities of blockchain development. They help developers focus more on innovation and less on the technical intricacies.

This platform is a strategic move designed to enhance the developer experience and expand the LUKSO ecosystem. By making it easier to develop, test, and deploy dApps, LUKSO aims to attract a broader range of developers, from those experienced in blockchain to newcomers interested in exploring decentralized technology. This approach could significantly bolster the growth and diversity of applications within the LUKSO ecosystem.

New LSP Standards

The proposed new standards within the LUKSO ecosystem aim to expand functionalities and enhance possibilities significantly. Here’s a detailed analysis of the potential impacts and functionalities of these new LSP Standards:

  • Universal Trust Currency: This standard is designed to create a universal system for trust or reputation within the LUKSO network. It would allow users to rate entities, interactions, or transactions based on reliability, quality, or other trust factors. This could lead to a more secure and transparent ecosystem where trustworthiness can be gauged in a standardized way.
  • Buyable NFT Standard: This standard focuses on streamlining the process of buying and selling NFTs. It might introduce new functionalities that make transactions smoother or more secure, such as auction systems, bidding functionalities, or enhanced ownership transfer mechanisms. By simplifying and securing NFT transactions, this standard could boost the liquidity and marketability of digital assets on the LUKSO platform.
  • Follower System: This standard aims to create a decentralized method for managing social interactions and relationships on the blockchain, echoing how social media platforms manage followers. Implementing such a system in a standardized, decentralized manner could enhance applications that rely on social dynamics and community building. This includes social networks, collaborative platforms, and more.

Each of these standards targets a different aspect of the blockchain ecosystem—from enhancing trust and security, to facilitating the market dynamics of digital assets, and improving social functionalities. Collectively, they represent a strategic approach to broadening the utility and appeal of the LUKSO network, making it more robust and versatile. This expansion could potentially attract a wider user base and encourage more diverse applications, enriching the entire ecosystem.


The LUKSO Tech Roadmap sets a clear and ambitious path for the future of blockchain usability and interactivity with Universal Profiles. By focusing on enhancing user experience, bolstering developer support, and pioneering innovative standards, LUKSO is poised to make substantial advancements in the blockchain realm. We invite our readers to read through the roadmap themselves, and share their thoughts and expectations in the comments below. How do you see these innovations shaping your interaction with blockchain technology?

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